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Posted by Ian Burrows on 9 July 2017 9:12 PM

At the recent, All Ireland Championships folding chairs were provided free of charge to those attending the Championships so they could relax, choose where to take their position and spectate around the park.  The provision of these folding chairs proved very popular, particularly for those supporters who find standing all day difficult.  On collection however and after a very comprehensive search, the hire company discovered that a number of these chairs were missing and the Branch had no option but to pay the full replacement costs of those missing chairs

It is very disappointing to have to report that a number of the chairs were not returned,  perhaps not enough information was given out that it was expected that the chairs be given back.  If this popular facility is going to continue however it is essential that no further losses are incurred.

Posted by Ian Burrows on 9 July 2017 7:59 PM

There is no overnight parking allowed in Castle Gardens for motor homes at the Ulster Pipe Band Championships. Parking is available at the dedicated Lough Shore Caravan park (tel.02894464963). It is a leisurely 10 minute walk from Caravan Park to Antrim Castle Gardens along the river edge.

Posted by Ian Burrows on 5 July 2017 6:22 PM

Drum Major Dress time for the County Antrim Championships at Glenarm is noon.

Posted by Ian Burrows on 5 July 2017 4:11 PM

The draw for the County Antrim Championships is now online and can be accessed by clicking here.

Posted by Ian Burrows on 3 July 2017 3:13 PM

Lisnamulligan Pipe Band have seats available on their Coach for the Scottish Championships in Dumbarton on the 29th of July. 

Outward journey: Leaving 4 pm Friday, 28th July staying at the  Erskine Bridge Hotel, breakfast included. Return journey: Sailing, 11 pm on Saturday 29th July.

The cost is  £100.00, if interested please contact Ally Kerr or any member of the band.

Posted by Ian Burrows on 27 June 2017 5:49 PM

Local piper and drummer, William Wallace and Barney Megoran will be offering piping and drumming workshops every Wednesday during July and August at the Arnold Hall, near Spa Presbyterian Church [BT24 8YY] outside Ballynahinch.

These workshops are open for all although starting from children who are starting P5 in September. There is no charge for the summer school but beginners will be required to purchase their own chanter or drum pad and sticks. William or Barney can arrange to get these.

Come along on Wednesday 5th July for enrolment and registration and a workshop any time from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

After the initial registration, more details of the lessons will be given as students will be required to come at different times depending on their level.

(Kindly sponsored by The Ulster-Scots Agency)

Posted by Ian Burrows on 27 June 2017 2:44 PM

All Ireland Band, Grade 4A and 4B (5) Dual Registered Drummers:

Please note that when there is a clash of local rule between the RSPBA and the IPBA , the RSPBA rule is the rule that is followed as the All Ireland Pipe Band Championships is deemed to be equivalent to a Scottish Major. Under RSPBA rules for Majors, dual registered drumming instructors are not allowed to compete with Grade 4A and Grade 4B bands, therefore, such instructors will not be allowed to compete with 4A and 4B bands in the All Ireland Pipe Band Championships.

Posted by Ian Burrows on 26 June 2017 1:00 PM

Drum Major dress time for the All Ireland championships is 11.30 am